From the living room to the hallway to the vegetable patch, domestic spaces can be both comforting and constricting, homely and un-homely, visions of the past and mirages of a planned, peaceful future. With such a multi-faceted identity, the ways that the domestic is imagined in literature, film and television presents a wonderfully rich field for study. In response to this growing interest in representations of homes in fields including Design History, Material Culture, Film Studies, Literature and Cultural Studies, we created the Domestic Imaginaries Network.

The Domestic Imaginaries Network aims to be a central hub for researchers working on representations of domestic spaces and homes in film, literature and popular culture. We organised a one-day interdisciplinary symposium, held at the University of Nottingham on Tuesday 21st January 2014. This symposium explored innovative ways of researching representations of the home across an international context and across media. We also have a Facebook page.

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