Domestic Imaginaries book is released this month!

Domestic Imaginaries: Navigating the Home in Global Literary and Visual Cultures (edited by Bex Harper and Hollie Price)

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This book examines representations of home in literary and visual cultures in the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection brings together scholars working on literature, film, and photography with the aim of showcasing new research in a burgeoning field focusing on representations of domesticity. The chapters span a diverse range of contexts from across the world and use a variety of approaches to exploring representations of home including studies of space, material culture, sexuality, gender, multiculturalism, diaspora, memory and archival practice. They include explorations of the Finnish Suburban home on film, home and the diasporic imagination in Chinese Canadian women’s writing and the archiving practices and photographs used to document the homes of two gay writers from Australia and New Zealand. By bringing together this range of approaches and subjects, the book explores domestic imaginaries as part of a multi-faceted, mutable and amorphous conception of home in a modern, world context. This collection therefore seeks to further studies of home by investigating how the page, screen and photograph have constructed domestic imaginaries – experiencing, critiquing, reconfiguring and archiving home – in a global age.

Our edited collection, released on 22nd November 2017, is now available for preorder from many bookshops and online from: Springer, and 

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