Event: Screening of ‘My Private Life’ – Moving Image Research Centre, Tues 21 Oct 6-8pm

My Private Life (2014) by Jill Daniels

Tuesday October 21 at 6-8pm University of East London

Moving Image Research Centre

EB 1.37 Docklands Campus

My Private Life is a 63-minute autobiographical documentary that explores memory, age and contested identity. It is centred on the daughter/filmmaker’s frustrated attempt to bring into the open long-held secrets in her family. Her elderly Jewish parents, Barbara and Bertie, were married in the mid-1940s when divorce was a stigma and homosexuality illegal – and in the eyes of observant Jews, a sin. Moving through divorce, remarriage and physical violence they spend their last days together in a small flat in North London. My Private Life is a complex montage of fragments of memories recalled through voice-overs; observational filming of everyday lives; evocative fictional enactments and the daughter/filmmaker’s direct addresses to the camera.

My Private Life has been kindly supported through a University of East London research grant and the ReDs internship scheme.
For a clip see https://vimeo.com/103243697

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